I found personal satisfaction and a deep contentment through the genre of creative non-fiction as applied to the art of memoir writing, and in the process, have become a memoirist. As a lifelong learner, and a retired Special Education Specialist, I would like to share what I've learned with others through these presentations and workshops.
Hello! I am Larry Weiss, author of "Through a Lens of Emptiness: Reflections on Life, Longevity and Contentment," I publish under the pen name L Alan Weiss. Donít be confused by the term Emptiness in the book's title, because thereís more to emptiness then meets the eye. Indeed, were it not for Emptiness, I would not have written anything at all.
Promoting autobiography and memoir writing for everyone.
Since the spring of 2012, I have focused on the importance of preserving lifeís narrative and understanding the nature of the self. The following pages list a number of presentations and workshops based on that research and writing experience. Each presentation or workshop can be tailored for a group's specific needs.