Creative Non-fiction and the Art of Memoir Writing
A memoirist chooses to relate segments of his life experience which he sees as meaningful and interesting. He wants to share these vignettes of life and thought with readers in a manner that is as absorbing for them as a first class fiction story might be. This presentation explores the use of creative non-fiction as an appropriate form for writing a memoir. It examines how to use literary craft creatively while portraying factually accurate prose to describe actual people and events. A creatively written memoir is another form of narrative, and like every good story will have principal and supporting characters, present conflict and moral choices, and have a strong plot line. The goal for a memoirist is to provide an absorbing read, useful information, and perhaps a life lesson thrown in for good measure. The goal of this presentation is to motivate individuals interested in writing a memoir to do so in an engaging and creative manner.